The case to be PURELY YOU

        Started in September 2016, CaseSwagger seeks to let the consumer define the swagger that is presented to the world. The definition of yourself and what you want to project to your world. With the amount of time we all spend on our phones these days, they have become as important as clothes in representing us to the world.  

        With that being said, Welcome to the site and take a look around! There are numerous designs available and more to come every month. If we don't have a design you like, please feel free to design your own and use the Custom Phone Case product to upload your design to be used on your phone case.

        Located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, we are a Veteran-owned and operated small business. We strive everyday to put out a top quality product with stringent quality control to ensure that people get what they want. Please contact us at: 

with any comments, concerns, or questions.

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